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If you have an interest in Mormon History, the early Latter Days Saints, or Book of Mormon Origins, you've come to the right place. It is our goal to present here a candid and informed overview of this entire subject. Our mission is simply to recognize here the widely-held divergent viewpoints on this topic -- and to encourage some convergence of those viewpoints by examining new accumulations of historical facts and interpretations. This is a process we invite all visitors to this web-site to participate in. We are happy to read (and possibly even reproduce here) any considerate input e-mailed to the Spalding Research Associates.

We would like to apologize to Ted Chandler for mistakenly using some paragraphs of his material while citing Mr. Thurston as the source. We have submitted the correction, as well as any others occurring in our book to our publisher so that all future editions of our book will reflect those corrections.

We would also like to thank Richard Stout for his article "A Singular Discovery: the Curious Manuscript, Mitchill, and Mormonism."

In the days to come we'll be adding more articles (such as the revealing Mormonism essays from contributors like Jerome J. Knuijt), some rare old Mormonism graphics, chapters from James H. Kennedy's and William A. Linn's classic books on Mormonism on Mormon origins, and several other interesting historical treats.

This site is designed and maintained by associates of the Spalding Enigma authors. The latter are the core group whose research and reporting have helped to initiate the Mormon Studies Home Page. They are the producers of an important new book on Mormon Origins. For more information on these writers and their work consult our Frequently Asked Questions page (under construction) and the publication announcement below.


Publication of Major New Discoveries
in the Study of Mormon Origins

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1. STATION WPEO. Interviews with Art Vanick.

 Part 1 
 Part 2 
 Part 3 
 Part 4 

2. STATION KFUO. Program: Issues, Etc.   Interviews with Art Vanick and Wayne Cowdrey.

 Part 1 
 Part 2 
 Part 3 
 Part 4 

3. VCY America Christian Radio Network. Art Vanick is interviewed by host Vic Eliason on Crosstalk.

 Part 1 
 Part 2 

4. Accent Radio Network. Art Vanick is interviewed by host Jerry Hughes on Straight Talk.

 Straight Talk 

5. STATION KKMS. Art Vanick is interviewed by host Joyce Harley on In Focus.

 In Focus 

Essays and Articles

The "Anthon Affair" (2000)
(from Jerome J. Knuijt's latest book)

The Rodsmen of Middletown (2000)
(forthcoming series on Vermont money-diggers)  

Mormonism Books' E-Texts

Kidder's "Mormonism and the Mormons" (1842)
(file relocated -- under construction)

Hyde's "Mormonism, Its Leaders..." (1857)
(full text of this important book)

Kennedy's "Early Days of Mormonism" (1888)
(partly transcribed -- under construction)

Linn's "The Story of the Mormons" (1902)
(full text of this important book)

Who Really Wrote the Book of Mormon? (1977)
(excerpts from the 1977 progenitor of "The Spalding Enigma")

(under construction)

"A Singular Discovery: the Curious Manuscript, Mitchill, and Mormonism." (2001)
Research paper on the origin of reformed egyptian

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Hale Rebuttal
Author's response to Dec 2005 Radio Interview with LDS Talk Show Host Van Hale
Roper Rebuttal
Author's response to the BYU Review of the 2005 version of "Who Really Wrote . . ."
Formatted Book Index
Detailed index for the 2005 version of "Who Really Wrote . . ."

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